The best places to Cycle and Segway in Valencia

The best places to Cycle and Segway in Valencia

Now I confess I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to riding bicycles. Even more so when hitting the road and cycling around a city. So following a recent visit to Valencia, I am delighted to say that not only are there around 80km (50 miles) of cycle paths, those running alongside the roads are safely sectioned off from the main thoroughfare of traffic. Phew. No botty clenching moments. And as for Segway. Love. LOVE. So here’s my lowdown on where to cycle and Segway in Valencia.


There are lots of bike hire companies in the city. We went for the 24hr hire which enabled us to explore in the evening as well and was a bargain at €8. Check out Low Cost Bike Rental. Great service and bikes. You can either leave some photo ID with them (driving licence or passport) or pay a €50 deposit. For peace of mind, splash out another €3 for bike insurance, just in case the bikes do get stolen. In the worse case scenario you would then only have to pay an excess charge of €50. Good bike locks are provided though and you are shown how to lock up the bike securely.


It is forbidden to lock your bicycles to lampposts or trees or cycle on the pavement.

Cycling helmets are compulsory? Good question. We didn’t see anyone with them on when we were cycling around which would agree with that they are required if you cycle on roads heading out of the city (or everywhere if you are under 16 yrs). If in doubt, would suggest you check when you hire your bike.

The maximum speed limit for vehicles in the historic centre is 30 km/h (19 mph).

It’s pretty flat so it’s perfect for us scaredy cat cyclists who haven’t done our hill training.


Cycling through the city, the green route cycle lanes are marked on the map and traffic lights include a ‘green for go bicycle’ symbol for cyclists. We cycled around Ruzafa aka Russafa, the hip and trendy ‘Shoreditch’ of Valencia. From there it was easy also to head out to the port and beach areas of Playa de las Arenas, Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa de la Patacona.

A great place to spend some time and cycle through is Jardines de Turia also known as Turia Gardens. In 1957 Valencia suffered a disastrous flood when the banks of the Turia River broke. Over 60 residents lost their lives when the city was submerged and following this two momentous decisions were made. The first to totally reroute the river which left a 9km (5.5 mile) dried up river bed. The next decision was to abandon the 6 lane highway they had in mind and bow to the campaigns and voice of the people and keep the river bed green. Yay.

Now the Turia Gardens is a wonderous parkland divided into 18 different sections for locals and tourists to enjoy. From Cabecera Park to the contemporary architecture of Santiago Calatrava and the City of Arts and Sciences. A cycle path circuits all of Turia Gardens which includes exercise stations, a football stadium, skate park, lakes, Gullivers Travels adventure park for child clambouring, fountains, nature and flora to name but a few. Cycling around is fabulous. We passed people fencing, dancing, yoga posing, exercising, singing and of course cycling. Am sure there were lots more ‘ings’ going on as well. Oh yes … kissing.

Not only is cycling a great way to explore, it’s good exercise too. Though by the the end, having seen some knickers with a padded bum in a lingerie shop, I was kind of wishing that I had indulged in a pair.

For more cycle routes and maps check out here.


For a different way of getting around on two wheels, check out riding a Segway. No need to pump your legs up and down on the pedals because there aren’t any. Also it’s incredibly light and easy to manoeuvre. Basically you just lean forward to go forward, stand upright to stop, tilt the handlebars to the left to turn left and vice versa to turn right. Job done. With a maximum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph), it’s enough to give you a little bit of an adrenaline buzz as well. And fun. Did I mention it’s FUN?!


We did our Segway trip with Segway Trip Valencia who offered an array of tours. Medieval Valencia, Valencia Arts and Nature, Valencia Sea-Port to name but a few. You can also request a custom made tour as well. A tip. Take into account the area you will be exploring. If it’s rammed with people or single track e.g. Turia Gardens, it will probably be more of a sedate pace, navigating around tourists and alike. Prefer a bit of speed? Then the Sea-Port tour (€50 for 1.5 hrs) is a great option as there’s more space to whizz about. The port and 4km beach backdrop isn’t too hard on the eyes either!

Whether it’s cycle or Segway, Valencia is a fabulous city to explore. Did you cycle or Segway in Valencia? Do comment and let us know what you thought and where you went!

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