Where's your next trip?

Welcome To WE GO SOLO

You love travelling on your own right? The freedom of deciding where you’ll go and when. And hey, all those that wander aren’t lost. I thank you J. R. R. Tolkien.

But sometimes, you wish you could meet other solo travellers to swap stories, share wine or hear about the local hotspots they love.

And here at WE GO SOLO, that’s our mission. To bring together like-minded solo travellers who want to connect, socialise and form friendships you can write home about.

Solo and Social

Have a social circle in your pocket and meet fellow travellers on the go

Quick Easy Search

Look for other travellers going to the same destination as you. You can search by country as well.

It's On The Map

Mapping facility. Plot yourself on the map and adjust search radius with easy to use slider.

Instant Chat

Start or join the conversation with your fellow travellers. As a group or one on one.

Personal Menu

Your plotted trips are displayed as soon as you log in. Travel plans change? No problem; easy to tweak or cancel.

Start An Event

Something you want to attend and see if others would like to join? Perhaps that must go to exhibition, restaurant or bar you would really like to try.



Where's your next trip?