Are there any beaches near Perth? Oh yes!

Are there any beaches near Perth? Oh yes!

When you think of Perth, the city and capital of Western Australia, beaches don’t naturally spring to mind. And hey don’t get me wrong I love a bit of city exploring but I also really enjoy just kicking back at the beach. Lucky for me and you, if you feel the same, you don’t have to stray too far. So in answer to ‘are there any beaches near Perth?’ here’s a couple of my favourites.


If I jump off again will I be in trouble? she eagerly asked. Before he had a chance to reply she leapt in with the next question. Is he hot too?! Welcome to girl versus lifeguard exchange along the rock groyne at Cottesloe Beach.

A white sandy 1.5km beach with the striking and iconic Indiana centre stage and staring in many a travellers photographs. Originally The Indiana Tea House, a 1910 ice-cream parlour, the restaurant offers uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. The building also houses Indifish. Situated downstairs and offering seaside takeaways such as fish and chips and ice-cream open in the summer season and for special events.

The ocean is clear and I mean crystal clear. I’m on the rock groyne too which juts out 100m across the Mudurup Rocks and marks the southern boundary. It’s hot. Laser beam hot.

Slip. Slop. Slap. That’s the original Cancer Council Australia super successful campaign from the early 80’s.

Slip on a shirt. Slop on some suntan lotion. Slap on a hat. This has since been extended to include Seek. Slide. Not so catchy I grant you. Seek shade. Slide on wraparound sunglasses.

Shade can be found under the trees and also if it’s a windy day there are grassy banks overlooking the beach that you can plonk yourself on. Nothing worse then ending up like a sand statue as the wind whips the sand onto your suntan lotion eh?

Some beach dwellers come prepared with their own wee tents to provide some shade and respite from the sun too.

On the event front, March sees the annual Sculpture By The Sea.  Now in it’s 14th year, with over 70 local and international artists transforming the beach to create a sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean. Yay.

Want to have a peek at Cottesloe Beach? Check out our vlog here.


Jump on a Freemantle line train from Perth and around 30 minutes later you will find yourself in Cottesloe. Depending on the heat, you can jump on a bus for 2 minutes or take a 15 minute stroll down to the beach. If you have wheels then it’s only a 15 minute journey for you. Woohoo.


Another white sandy beach sharing the clear turquoise blue Indian ocean is Scarborough Beach.

Recently having had a major injection of dollars, $26 million to be precise with more to follow, for an outdoor pool complex which overlooks the beach. Scarborough Beach Pool had its grand opening in January.

Opt for either the 50 metre 8 lane pool or the 25 metre 4 lane pool, both of which are geothermally heated to 27 degrees or so. Oh and let’s not forget the leisure pool, splash pool, 200 seater grandstand and eating facilities too.

The eco-friendly design offsets around 1,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. No doubt contributing to the first ever a six-star green rating in Western Australia.

Outside of the complex seek shade from the trees above the beach or at the fabulous ampi-theatre. Yep that’s it in the blog header. *swoon*

Want to have a peek at Scarborough Beach? Check out our vlog here.


Scarborough Beach is 13km from Cottesloe Beach. From Perth you can either get a couple of buses or jump on a Joondalup Line train and then catch a bus from Stirling. Journey time is around 30 minutes. To drive you’re looking at under 20 minutes.

Whichever beach you choose in Australia do heed the Slip. Slop. Slap. Seek. Slide. mantra. The sun is laser beam hot and sun and skin care are taken very seriously. So much so that the Australian Government offer free 6 monthly skin cancer checks for residents. You have been warned – avoid midday sun, not enough slop and the lobster look.

So there you have it. My favourite Perth city beaches. Let me know what you think and shout out your favourites too!

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