Solo travel if you’re shy and an introvert.

Solo travel if you’re shy and an introvert.

So let’s look at travelling solo if you’re shy and an introvert. Now, people assume that to go off traveling on your own you need to be super confident, life and soul, all singing and dancing. That’s so not the case. You get people who are obviously outgoing and they are the life and soul of the party. However you also get people who are shy and introverted, and you can have just as great a time traveling alone.


What I would say is if you are shy and an introvert is first of all be prepared. Before you go off travelling, make sure that you have your Kindle or your electronic device, all loaded up with your favorite books and things you’ve been meaning to read. If you like the feel of a paperback, and who doesn’t, then make sure you some room in your luggage to squeeze in a few paperbacks. You always find people along the way that you could swap books with and some places have shops where you can actually go and sell/exchange your books as well.

I would also download movies, get music on your MP3 player, and grab podcasts, so you’re all set up. Especially if you have been surrounded by people and it’s all getting a bit much and you just want to chill out, listen to music or have something great to read or watch. Definitely that would be my first thing to do.


Now the second thing I would say is look at what kind of tour you want to do. If you haven’t travelled solo before, maybe a group tour is a good place to start. Before you book check the size of the group and the accommodation. On some tours you have to share and others you can get a room to yourself, generally for an additional supplement.

There are budget rooms or depending on the tour operator you can have a choice of more luxurious rooms.  You’ve got Flash Pack, for the 30 to 49 range, if you’re worried about the age range in the group. I’ve also had friends who have gone with the adventure type travel companies, like Exodus, Intrepid, Explore, depending on the destinations and what type of tour you want to go on.

Now another thing to take into account is if you’ve got a passion. If you really love photography or you’re really into painting or opera. You’ll be surprised, there’s so many tours that incorporate this kind of thing as well. There are cooking tours and all sorts of things. That’s maybe another route that you can go down.


If you think to yourself  “Actually, a group tour really isn’t my thing. I really like to do my own thing.”, then let’s look at accommodation. It all depends on your budget and what kind of things you like.

You can start off in a hostel. Lots of people travel and stay in hostels, myself included. From personal experience if you stay in YHA’s,  you tend to have more of a wide age range. Anything from 19 up to about 70, which I would say is a really fabulous mix. That’s probably a strange thing to say but travel isn’t an age thing, it’s more of a mindset. You don’t need to stay in dorms, you can have a room to yourself. If you did want to stay a dorm though then look for the smaller dorms, for example four bed male, or four bed female. You have a choice of single sex or mixed.

Hotels, yes, but you might get a bit lonely being in a hotel. But it depends on how you mix it up. Maybe add some day trips as well, and that’s another way that you’ll be dipping in and out and meeting people. There’s also a hostel group called Generator that  are more design led hostels that are in Europe. Another suggestion would be looking at Air B&B or a similar organization where you have the option of either renting a room in the host’s house, or getting a place to yourself. For the former, you have the option of insider local knowledge and the potential of some socializing. But on any of these options I would look at the reviews. See what other people have said. You can always contact the host beforehand and have a chat with them. Then you can decide whether or not it’s for you.


If you’re traveling on your own then being introvert and shy in a lot of ways can be a great thing. Why? You will have alone time, and you actually really like your alone time. You’re more than happy to take yourself off to the cinema and watch a great movie. Take yourself down to the beach or a park to read a book. Please don’t feel that it’s a real no-no and that if you’re shy and an introvert solo travel is something that you couldn’t possible do.

I’m hoping I’ve given you a few ideas here. Maybe you’ll then give it a chance and have a go and get yourself out there. Now, other things that you can do are see what’s going on in the area itself. There are normally local meetup groups. Of course, do come and join our free community at Plot your trips on there and let the community know where you’re going to be. You can chat together and connect as a group or one on one.

If you’re into fitness, have a look and see if there’s any running groups where you’re going to be. You can just join them the day for a run and combine that as well. And a walking tour too, so that you’re just kind of dipping in and dipping out. You don’t have to be full on all the time. And if you do also decide to do a day tour everything is all organised for you. You have got company on the trip and you’ve got the safety of getting to and from your destination. You can also generally do your own thing as well when you arrive. Some places you can hire a driver for the day so you can go off and explore on your own personalised tour.

If you are a solo traveler who is shy and introvert, do leave a note in the comments on how you travel solo yourself! Also do drop by, say hi and join our free community at

  • Debbie Evran
    Posted at 19:24h, 24 August Reply

    Great post! Reminds me when I first my husband (who’s Turkish) I used to fly out to visit him often on my own. I always got people (couples) asking if I was ok travelling on my own at the airport or in the bars. But as a naturally independent person I never even thought about it.

    • WE GO SOLO
      Posted at 11:32h, 27 August Reply

      Thanks and yes probably more so if they’d been a couple for a while!

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