Grab your flip flops and find your travel tribe

WE GO SOLO lets you connect before, during and after your travels. Have chats online with far-flung, kindred spirits and then meet up with them on the go.

Here’s the thing. You like to travel solo and go it alone.

Nothing personal you understand, it’s just that you got tired of waiting for friends and family to be free. And once you’d taken the plunge it was kind of addictive, like binge watching Game of Thrones.

Adios, to that travel friend who would wave a spreadsheet of timed activities in front of your barely open, sleep deprived, eyes.

Hola, and arms aloft, to freedom, exploring and starring in your own fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure.

Or perhaps you’re a curious newbie who would love to try travelling alone but don’t want to feel lonely?

If you want another way to meet like-minded travellers without commitment or hassle of travelling with someone else, well, H-E-L-L-O!

The ultimate ‘Hi and Bye’ travel friends with no strings attached 

Want to walk into a fabulous, meal-of-a-lifetime restaurant clutching a book as your only companion? Me neither.

What about that pub that plays great live music and has a weekly jam session?

Then there’s that ‘must see’ art exhibition that you would like to share instead of cradling the headset for company.

Not sure about that group tour lucky dip dynamics of will-you-or-won’t-you-get-on?

For travellers who want to travel how they want and stay where they want without FOMO (fear of missing out)

Love a fabulous to-die-for hotel room with amazing views? Isolated splendor is great but it can make you feel, for want of using the ‘i’ word again, isolated.

Or perhaps you stay in a hostel as a way to meet other travellers but are kind of over the dormitory experience and being seen in your Pj’s.

However you travel or wherever you stay, it’s entirely up to you.

You create a social life to dip in and out of on your travels.

Come on in and join our global tribe!

9 Random things about me. JB. Jacqueline Butler

I’ve spent 2 years travelling solo.

I’ve sky dived over Lake Taupo with a Buzz Lightyear look-a-like called Des.

I probably left a sobbing child behind each day as I cycled off on her pink ‘Hello Kitty’ bicycle to do my volunteering in Cambodia.

I’m an includer but I’m also good at spotting when you want to be alone.

I’ve fallen from the top bunk to the bottom bunk when some wag moved the slats supporting the bed.

I’ve been mistaken for a hooker twice. Yes I know. Bum bag, flip flops and tramping trousers. Go figure. Oh I wasn’t topless.

I’m not typically English in my beverages. No tea or coffee for me.

I’m typically English in being polite and I know how awkward it is to say ‘I’d like to strike out on my own today’ or ‘I think I’ll eat by myself tonight’.

I’ve always wanted a way to have travel friends without having to come over all Greta Garbo and say ‘I want to be alone’.

Where's your next trip?