Our mission. To bring together like minded solo travellers who want to connect, socialise and form friendships you can write home about.

Where are you going?

Shout it out and let other travellers know where you are going and when. Why? So that you can get yourself plotted on the map and see who is there at the same time. Connect. Chat. Meet.

Make Your Mark

Who’s Going To Be There?

The number on the plot pin indicates the number of travellers who will be in the area between your specified date range.

To see who is there, click on that there number.

Looking Good

Make sure you pop in your profile pic and voila you’re good to go.

Say Hello

To group chat with your fellow travellers, hit the big orange destination button.

You can also chat one on one by clicking on individual profile pics.

Ooh I Really Want To Go There / See That

Now maybe there’s an event you really want to attend. Why not share it and see if any other travellers would like to join you? That Picasso exhibition you’ve never quite got to or a music festival that really shouldn’t be missed. Not quite the same on your own eh? In that case make a beeline for the Start A New Chat icon.

It’s situated on the bottom right corner of the map screen.  So if you are that culture vulture (me too) pop in your chat description ‘Picasso Exhibition’.  Destination ‘Art Gallery of New South Wales’ together with the date and time you are thinking of going. Not sure on the date and time? No problem. Just leave it blank.  Once you click ‘create your chat’ and start the conversation you will also have a new chat event plotted on the map at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  Oh and it’s also in your personal menu bar on the left hand side of your screen.

Need to amend your chat? Sure. Either click on your chat description in your personal left hand menu bar or click on the icon on the map. Go to the top of your screen and select the settings (cog) icon to the right of your chat description.

Which one’s Which?

All traveller pins have a number on them and chat pins have icons.

It’s Behind You

The traveller pin for your destination will always be shown on your destination name on the map. Sydney on Sydney, Rome on Rome, Siem Reap on Siem Reap – you get the gist.

If you only see an icon pin on the destination name then give that a click.  It may well be that the travellers pin is hidden behind because someone has created a chat with Sydney as the destination. This is as opposed to say a specific location like the Sydney Opera House. The latter of which would be plotted on the Sydney Opera House.

List. I Do Like A List.

Want to get an overview of your fellow travellers? Or the chats that are taking place? Have a look at white list icon, top right on the map. That’s it. Next to the orange map plot icon.

Oops Not Going Now

Finally we all know that one of the joys of travel is that you never know where it’s going to take you and as such plans change.

If you need to amend or delete the trip you have already plotted then simply click on your travel dates in your personal menu bar. That’s located on the left hand side of the screen. You can then tweak to your heart’s content.